a traveling photography shindig.

We all met up in Portland, Oregon.

Each of us from different states, different backgrounds. We quickly grew close together from our shared sense of sarcastic humor and unique approach to photography.  We realized how amazing it is to have good friends that do such good work. Hanging out and interacting everyday, we pick up on so much from each other. The ability to have people in your life that care about you, push you to explore and challenge your weaknesses is one of the greatest tools in becoming a better artist. We want you to be a part of this too.

We want to help emerging photographers build confidence in their style and brand. All skill levels are welcome, but we won’t be covering camera basics. Our emphasis will be on promoting growth as an artist and improving your business. In a tight knit community setting, we’ll explore the topics you care about most and share stories of what helped us the most over the years.